Comme prévu (depuis quelques temps sur les forums), une nouvelle version de M2 emulator vient de sortir.

v0.3 (well, there was an unreleased 0.2 somewhere in my HD so this is 0.3)

I’ve rewritten part of the emulator for increased speed.
The SHARC core has also been speedup by removing unused SHARC features that weren’t used by model2.

– Added frameskip and autoframeskip (with + and – in the keypad).
– Added Ski Super G and OverRev.
– Fixed topskater and virtualon control maps.

This is probably the last version of the emulator, unless some Fujitsu TGP MB86234 docs appear to finish the emulation of the 2 and 2A cores. Sorry, I know I still have to do the digital sound board emulation for STCC and TopSkater but I have no free time.

Si vous avez de la documentations en stocks pour aider ElSemi à continuer son émulateur, n’hésitez pas à le contacter.

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