Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST basé sur le code source de WinSTon et qui utilise la bibliothèque SDL lui permettant une compatibilité avec Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X.

– Better Spectrum 512 support (60Hz support, improved I/O memory waitstates).
– STE right border opening support (used in Obsession, Pacemaker).
– Blitter Smudge mode support (used in Pacemaker demo).
– Wheel-mouse simulates cursor up and down.
– Work-around to FDC handling, –slow-fdc option is not anymore needed.
– Bugfix to MFP, sound works now in more YMRockerz releases.
– Bugfix to GEMDOS path handling (Hatari SIGSEGV).
– Bugfix to emulated memory initialization (4MB was cleared earlier, now
exactly the amount set up for Hatari. Saves memory on embedded systems
if less than 4MB is specified.)
– Re-written command-line option handling.
– (Again) lots of code const/static, type usage and indentation cleanup.
– Preliminary support for TOS 3.0x and 030 TT software that runs in ST
resolutions and doesn’t need PMMU.
– Native GUI for Mac OSX.
– ACSI emulation fixes to get HD formatting to work with AHDI 5. HD emulation
now works quite fine with AHDI 5 (but other HD drivers are currently not
– Joystick shortcut changed to toggle cursor emulation between ports 0 and 1.
– Keys for all Hatari shortcuts can now be configured from hatari.cfg.
– Added command line option for setting ST keyboard mapping.
– Joystick command line option requires now parameter for a port for which
the joystick cursor emu is enabled.
– Fixed relative mouse event handling in zoomed low-rez.
– Hatari shows now more of the bottom borden (screen size is now 384×276
instead of 384×267).
– Fixed sync delay timings – sound should now be better (e.g. on Mac OS X).
– Added basic support for compiling Hatari with MinGW.

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