MamePlus est à présent à jour.

1. although fr2ch has never had an MVS version, encouraging any CD conversions may ruin the chances of getting some undocumented prototype
2. m68k ASM and DRC core have little effect on performance. they are in MAME Plus because:
* ASM core could be used as a compatibility reference
* DRC core is only for educational purpose for those who want to learn dynamic recompilation

* added new compiling TARGET=hazemd
* removed neogeo CD to MVS conversion games
* removed pong / gensync cpu support
* updated unofficial catlist [s_bastian]
* GUI: use TreeView in property pages, you can enable/disable it from Interface Options [original code from EKMAME, misc changes by regret]
* fixed ninjaw0104u2gre bug [robiza]

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