Nouvelle version de HazeMD/32:

– Many fixes in this update are thanks to ‘notaz’ posting comments on the site.
– Fixed IRQ6 pending (required by Warlock to avoid GFX corruption caused by bad DMA) (thanks notaz)

– Improved protection emulation in
*Elf Wor – title now displayed, doesn’t lock up, but I can’t pass level 1?
*Mahjong Lover – boots instead of showing unhappy girl
*Lion King 2 – parent set boots
*KOF98 – boots, but still has remaining issues
*Smart Mouse – no longer fades out after a few seconds of play
*Squirrel King – fixed graphics on player select screen, oh what original names for this highly original game 😉 (thanks notaz)

– Added hack to allow Virtua Racing to show its 2d graphics (thanks notaz)
– Fixed some parent / clone relationships for the Megadrive games. Added a few
extra sets. (indique ta source Mr Bean)
– Added the rest of the SMS sets. There have been no improvements to SMS emulation
yet, but this will make testing / updating the driver easier.
– Added a ‘region’ dipswitch. If you change the region from the default a reset
(Shift+F3) is required. Please don’t change a PAL game to NTSC or vice versa
due to some bug (in MAME?) it causes the DAC samples to be played incorrectly.
– Changed sound output from Mono to Stereo. The Megadrive could output Stereo sounds.

Télécharger X128 0.95B Open Alpha (1,2 Mo)

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