Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de MSX:

– Added support for low resolution in fullscreen mode
– Added SVI printer support
– Added selection of video in grabber
– Added support for Sony Playball roms with digitized speech
– Added support for MegaCart(R), a new type of Coleco rom
– Added dutch version of the user manual
– Fixed crash caused by video grabber card (Source: Emu-France)
– Made video grabber unload if not selected (in 2.5, the grabber was always enabled)
– Fixed NMI bug in z80 emulation causing some Coleco games to fail running
– Fixed detection of Sega rom types in menus and dialogs
– Fixed bug in screen 10 vertical border color
– Fixed header of PNG screenshots
– Fixed bug in the S1985 device that caused emulator to crash when debugger was open.
– Fixed the joystick button triggers for the SVI joystick
– Fixed bug in the I8250 UART used in SVI-328 that caused emulator to hang
– Fixed SVI-328 PPI bug
– Fixed default rom mapper handling
– Changed default width of the memory window in the debugger to 16 bytes
– Fixed some printer emulation bugs
– Fixed save state in R-Type rom mapper so it doesn’t crash the emulator
– VDP timers are now saved correctly in save states
– Updated MSX Printer emulation to include a static font
– Fixed screen 6 sprites
– Fixed CC sprite bug that made CC sprites visible even if no non CC sprite was present
– Fixed sprite collision index in Status Register 0 for screen 5-8 sprites
– Fixed bug related to CC sprites (having the attribute « Mix color with sprite that has next higher priority »)

Télécharger SPU2-X v2.0.4851 (1,1 Mo)

Télécharger Snes9x D3D v1.51 (03/03/09) (920,1 Ko)

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