Le site de Richard Bannister a été mis à jour avec plusieurs corrections dans les émulateurs (pour MAC) suivants:

* BSNES: In sync with the latest release for PC.
* fMSX: Added support for RAM expansions. The English version of Snatcher now runs.
* Handy: Ported to Xcode and recompiled as Universal Binary.
* Horizon: Added option not to remap colon key.
* Nestopia: Added file filtering to the open dialog.
* Nestopia: Added sound sample support for assorted Japanese games. Nestopia will prompt you for the files if you choose one.
* Nestopia: Added support for drag & drop with NSF files.
* Nestopia: Added support for muting the five main sound channels independently.
* Nestopia: In sync with the latest release for Windows.
* SMS Plus: Resolved an error with the keyboard labelling.

As always, there are a number of fixes that affect all the different emulators:

* Fixed several endian bugs; of particular note, screenshots and audio recordings now work correctly on Intel Macs.
* File extensions are now included by default when saving screenshots or audio recordings.
* Worked around issue preventing keyboard from working in full screen mode in Arnold and Frodo.
* Resolved a number of situations where keyboard input would be registered even though the emulator window was not active.
* (Enhancer) Resolved a visual glitch in the Preferences->Filter dialog.
* (Enhancer) Updated eSellerate engine to prevent dead items being left in trash every reboot.
* (Enhancer) Fixed issue where occasionally serial numbers might be rejected.
* (Enhancer) Fixed endian bug preventing network play from working between PowerPC and Intel.

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