Il ne s’agit pas vraiment d’un émulateur mais plutot d’une machine virtuelle pour développer et faire tourner des applications Atari ST, mais aussi TT & Falcon tournant sous Windows et en Open Source. Maintenant ARAnyM est fourni avec EmuTOS, un TOS gratuit. Deux versions sont disponible : Une avec et l’autre sans l’émulation du DSP.

Voici les principaux changements (voir changelog pour plus d’infos):

This release has one major highlight: two last MMU emulation bugs have
been fixed and ARAnyM now runs Linux-m68k stable for days without any
single issue. I can now fully recommend ARAnyM for Linux-m68k kernel
development and also Debian-m68k development. Hoping that it will help
the m68k linux platform to survive for a little longer.

There is also a great new feature for those who are tired of setting up
virtual disk drives for booting to TOS/GEM system: ARAnyM now supports
bootstrapping directly from host filesystem! You need new versions of
both EmuTOS and FreeMiNT kernel (with built-in HostFS driver) and
the following configuration (in the [GLOBAL] section of ARAnyM config file):

—— aranym config ——–
Bootstrap = /path/to/mint.prg
BootDrive = C
Of course you also need to define the BootDrive (C:) host path in the
[HOSTFS] config section. FreeMiNT tries to locate the modules and other
files in usual C:MINT path that is redirected to your host filesystem.

Other news and fixes:

– new command line parameter -P (as in Position) will position the ARAnyM
window to your desired location – enter the coordinates of upper left
window corner (« -P 50,50 ») or try to center the window with « -P center ».
This should help especially on MS-Windows where the ARAnyM window often
ended partially off screen.

– Host desktop–AES clipboard interconnection. Currently for MS-Windows
only. You need a special FreeMiNT driver that creates a new filesystem
in FreeMiNT where you can point the AES to store the Clipboard. Find
more information in documentation at

– various improvements in graphics area – major speed up for bitplane modes,
speed up of graphics on Mac OS X, OpenGL alpha mask fix and others.

– Mac OS X: Swapped meaning of CTRL and META key for Mac OS X back to
« the logical way »: The Apple key(s) represent left and right meta key
and CTRL key is mapped to Atari CTRL key.
A new, more Mac like set of keyboard shortcuts defined:
Left Apple + , = Open preferences dialog
Left Apple + q = Quit
Left Apple + r = Reboot
Left Apple + escape = Grab/Ungrab mouse cursor
Left Apple + d = Enable debugger (if built-in)
Left Apple + s = Save screenshot
Left Apple + f = Toggle fullscreen mode

– MS-Windows: corrected/improved window/fullscreen toggle.

– bug #1521310 fixed: Shifters are now released before the GUI thread
is started. (news vu sur

– MIDI now outputs raw data which could be used for mapping the MIDI port
to host MIDI directly (untested)

– new compile-time configuration (–enable-protect2k) improves compatibility
with ST/TT/Falcon where hardware protects first 2 kB of RAM against
user mode accesses. Enabled by default in MMU build only since it can
cause some performance degradation.

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