Nouvelle version pour le meilleur émulateur de Sega Saturn existant.

Traduction par Google:

– The playback position processing of SCSP was corrected.
– Access processing of memory was corrected.
– The snapshot was modified in the F8 key.
– Saturn.ini was integrated to SSF.ini.
– State saving was mounted temporarily.
– As for key allotment
State Load = F7 key
State Save = Shift + F7 key Is.
-Because the data is compressed, time bets on saving.
– There is restriction in state saving.
– Only 1 it can save in every game
– Plural it is the schedule which it tries to be able to save.

Game only while starting functioning it does It cannot save with the multiple prayer picture and the like.
Contents of the Saturn built-in backup and backup RAM cartridge are not retained Only STV retains built-in backup RAM.
When BIOS changes, it cannot load Because as for the Saturn game there is a part which depends on BIOS,
When BIOS changes, it cannot load.
It becomes not be able to load in the same way even with presence of the hook of backup library.
When version changes, perhaps it becomes not be able to load,
Because it is in the midst of developing, there are also times when the data which is retained changes.
In that case, it becomes not be able to load.

Télécharger SSF v0.12 Beta R4 (1,2 Mo)

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