Nouvelle version du frontend GameEx.

* Introducing the GameEx Setup Wizard!
o A new innovation in gaming frontends – The GameEx setup wizard allows wizard style configuration, download, setup of GameEx, MAME, emulators and all your media needs.
o This makes the setup of GameEx even easier than it ever it was.
o Now the gaming frontend with the most complex backend and amount of features, is probably now the easiest to setup and use.
o The GameEx setup wizard is entirely the work of Ben Baker (AKA Headkaze).
o You should get this version of GameEx as soon as you can.
o Please give feedback and ask questions about this new addition to GameEx on the GameEx forums.
* My thanks, gratitude and admiration go out to Ben.

– The rom filter setting now works with emulators setup with GoodMerge 7-zip. You don’t need to set the rom filter as *.7z, if you do it will list all unzipped contents, same as *.* So you can set it to what to filter on the unzipped contents such as *.bin.
– Fixes CD-Player and CD-Ripper due to a missing file in the install
– Most recently played emu games shown at the top of the list now show database info at the top of the screen if available
– Create emulator snaps now works when emulators are setup as goodmerge 7-zips
– Fixes to auto updater which will take affect for future versions
– I recommend doing a manual download and install from the GameEx web site for this version if updating

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