Hoxs64 est un émulateur Commodore 64 tournant sous Windows avec DirectX 7 (ou +).

1) The Flexible Disk Image support has been upgraded to include the new FDI v2.1 format
with CRC-32 error detection.
2) T64 read-only file support has been added. A T64 directory browser has been added to
the Tape menu.
3) The SID resonance has been boosted.
4) The SID ADSR timings have been corrected to be cycle exact.
5) Fixed long standing incorrect implementation of the SID « Hard-Sync ».
6) The SID « combined waveforms » now uses an 8bit wave table. The samples were taken from a Commodore C64C with serial number « HB5 527013 E » via the SID register $D41B.
7) Minor adjustment of SID sample holding behaviour for waveform $00.
8) An intermittent performance slow down issue with the SID filters has been fixed. The
performance loss was a result excessive underflow with ultra small numbers known as
de-normal floating point numbers.

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