La version Windows de cet émulateur. Elle ne tourne pas sous Windows 95/NT et il vous faut DirectX 9 au minimum. Un des projets les plus complets existant, en effet avec 9 années de dev ce n’est pas rien !

– ADD: Extended command syntax in the Machine Code Monitor: BA [-] [RWX] [[-]].
– ADD: Support for the recently-added Ross, Structured BASIC, and Dela-EP64 cartridges. Not tested yet, as no CRT images have been located for them.
– ADD: New program icon, as contributed by Owziee.
– FIX: To not crash when selecting a non-existent C64 image file.
– ADD: Two new Machine Code Monitor commands, CD and DIR, which support both 8.3 format file-names and long file-names, as well as relative file-paths.
– ADD: When valid C64 image file extensions (e.g. D64) are associated in the Windows Registry with CCS64, whenever the user double-clicks on one of those files in Windows, the file is automatically started within CCS64.

Télécharger CCS64 (Win) v3.9.2 (2,0 Mo)

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