Nouvelle version finale de ce plugin pour manette destiné aux émulateur de Nintendo64.

Rappel des améliorations de cette version finale (mais pas totalement ^^) par rapport à la 1.83:

+ Better detection of devices; more joysticks should work now, as well as steering wheels and things that aren’t strictly « gamepads »
+ N64 controllers can now get input from multiple gamepad type devices
+ Now able to assign a key, mouse, or gamepad control to as many N64 control surfaces as you like
/ device selection for keybinding no longer needed; devices list now shown as « Force-Feedback Devices » under ControllerPak selection (pick Rumble, and tick the « RawMode » box)
/ no longer possible to send FF events from multiple controllers to the same FF device (this shouldn’t have worked anyway)
+ now captures mouseclicks properly in Controllers tab (disable button clicks while polling)
+ INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT (and internally switched to Unicode)
+ releases exclusive mouse while in config menu (fixed a mouse bind while locked issue)
+ add independent X/Y mouse sensitivity
+ changed absolute mouse support: now choose between Buffered (default from before), Absolute, and Deadpan (control only moves while you move the mouse)
+ various optimizations, bugfixes, and spelling fixes
+ LOTS of documentation added to the source; it should be more legible now
+ rewrote controller save and restore (underlying CONTROLLER and BUTTON structs changed…)
/ Button mappings and modifiers will need to be reset on first load
+ now rewrites mempak and transferpak RAM to disk immediately after writing to controller (1.83 and previous didn’t save the mempak until RomClose)
+ now possible to map shortcuts to buttons and axes as well as keys (be careful)
+ tabbing within the config window actually works now
+ can save and load shortcuts
+ Transferpak MBC5 support fixed (Pokemon Yellow, Perfect Dark)
+ lots of crash bugs fixed

Télécharger SmartGear (Beta) 18/03/13 (WinCE) (580,3 Ko)

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