Incroyable ! Après des années en version 0.07, voici que l’auteur passe son émulateur Sega Saturn en version 0.08 (va t’on avoir droit à 50 versions Alpha Rxx + Beta Rxx + Prototype Rxx, c’est une autre question ^^), bref on espère que ce changement de version sera significatif car les améliorations sont en Japonais comme toujours.

Par conséquent, on vous propose qu’une simple traduction Google:

– SMPC processing was corrected.
– It reaching the point where [bachiyareshingu] moves, it increases.

– The frequency of state saving was increased to each game 10.
– At the time of the state load it tried not to check the presence of the hook of backup library.
– As problem does not occur with presence of check, because it was possible.
– Picture size the option which you force set to Saturn aspect ratio was added.
– The usual full screen time it is invalid.
– Option of bi- linear filtering ON/OFF was added.
– Only at the time of Direct3D it is effective.
– At the time of window mode it tried to be able to modify window size in 1 times, 1.5 times and 2 times.
– As for key allotment
– Window size modification = NUMPAD + key (+ of ten-key) Is.

Télécharger SSF v0.12 Beta R4 (1,2 Mo)

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