Une nouvelle version pour cette usine à gaz (déjà en v7…), enfin pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs

* If you downloaded 6.97 or 6.98 you should get this version due to exception checking being left turned off
* Fixes Bezel feature
* Setup Wizard 1.5 by Ben Baker:
o Added HTML Applications/External Apps/Radio Stations & News Feeds
o Added the rest of the Daphne setup for each game
o Added a new feature at the end of the Wizard called ‘Verify Setup’

Better display at 1280 X 800 Resolution

* Fixes Create MAME Videos
* Now automatically detects MAME version and uses correct Bezel
* Many thanks to Mr Do. for the new MAME version Bezel
* Automatically detects change in MAME version and prompts to update list
* 7-Zip/Goodmerge support is now a registered feature
* Thanks to Ben Baker (AKA Headkaze) for the following:
o New Theme Editor ICON
o Updates to the Setup Wizard. Custom Setup, and all emulator settings now available
o Fixes to Model 2 support

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