Un nouvel émulateur de SMS/GG est en préparation par Olaf. Basé sur le code source d’un émulateur trouvé sur le forum de SMS Power répondant au nom de vbSMS (nouvelle entrée sur EF) et écrit en Visual Basic (arf) par John Casey , cet émulateur (qui émule de base 95% de la SMS) sera donc l’occasion pour Olaf de concrétiser quelque chose qu’il avait envie de faire depuis pas mal de temps mais qu’il n’avait pas eu le courage de commencer de lui même. Biensur comme la Sega Master System et la Game Gear sont très similaire, Olaf a déjà essayé d’implémenter la console portable de Sega dans son émulateur ce qui a été une réussite. A suivre donc.

First, I added a menu system to the window. After that I actually made the menu items usable — such as the « load rom… » menu item. Now it had the ability to load ROM files with a regular Windows « Open » dialog. Added right after that was the ability to « close » the ROM being executed. Now that I could open and close ROMs, I felt it was time to be able to pause and reset (for some reason these weren’t implemented yet, but I personally find them crucial to even a preliminary emulator).

Seeing that this was a Sega Master System emulator and knowing that the Sega Game Gear system is very similar — I tried to load a Sega Game Gear game. It ran perfectly, but the palette was horrible (which is fine for right now, and I still have not fixed this) — and the Start button wasn’t implemented. I did a few minutes of research on the Sega Game Gear’s hardware and added in support for its Start button. I also found that John Casey put in a lot of CPU activity alerts to learn more about how the CPU was working so he could fix things. The pop-ups were annoying me, so I removed them — so I could just get to playing the games. Whilest enjoying just « playing the games », I got annoyed that I had to play in a tiny window — so I added window sizing. After that, I hardcoded the palette files that came with vbSMS into the source code (why? I don’t know, I just don’t like emulators coming with a bunch of files — I want them to just work in a single file or something). When all that was said and done, I added settings saving.

Now, why did I explain all this? I guess to announce my new project (which I’m really excited about — I grew up on Sega Master System and I’ve wanted to work on a Sega Master System emulator for some times) and to give a little insight on how people pick up on open source projects (especially me).

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