vbSMS+ (anciennement OlafSMS) est un émulateur Sega Master System et Game Gear basé sur vbSMS de John Casey (comme je l’avais indiqué il y a déjà quelque temps dans cette actualité). Cette version apporte donc pas mal d’améliorations parmis lesquelles:

– added a menu system
– added a « load rom » dialog
– added closing of ROM/stopping execution
– added pausing w/blitting while paused
– added resetting
– added a program icon (schamp.ico from mamu_’s mameicons)
– added support for the sega game gear’s start button
– added an « about » dialog
– added display size changing/blitter stretching
– added border masking for sega game gear mode
– added support for player #2 controller
– added full screen support (with resolution changing/enable on rom load)
– added state saving/loading
– added movie recording/playing
– added layer disabling
– added saving of screenshots
– added support for pc gamepad input
– changed palettes to be hardcoded/switchable
– changed the black and white palette to be more accurate
– changed keyboard input to be configurable and added a configuration window
– removed drag and drop support
– removed error dialogs (allows more games to be played)

Télécharger Emma 02 (x86) v1.26 (9,0 Mo)

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