Un build non officiel d’Oswan par Toyo (un émulateur à la base créé par Cal2). Il s’agit donc de la version d’Oswan la plus aboutie.

Traduction automatique:

– At the time of status saving appointing reading and writing attribute to the file.
– Frame skip addition (with Ctrl+O with skip several increases and Ctrl+I skip several decreases.
– Making the status bar, indicating the state of frame rate and frame skip.
– The check of Pause is removed at the time of Stop with the menu of Status Load Save as invalid. The Ctrl shortcut key is allotted to Pause, Reset and Stop, (Ctrl+P, Ctrl+R and Ctrl+S).
– The screen shot from 32 bits BMP to 16 bits BMP modification (in 16 bit picture color of the screen shot picture becoming strange the execution time correction).
– Correcting the fact that the part of the menu which popup is done becomes black at the time of Pause.
– During game executing opening Open dialogue, when it cancels, correcting the fact that information of ROM pass is lost.
– Correcting the fact that the shortcut of Screenshot and Recent is doubled.
– Correcting the fact that pitch was ignored when transferring to the back surface.
– The indicatory layer (the background and the foreground, sprite) it tried to be able to select.

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