Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Acorn Archimedes dont voici les changements:

* Improved timing. Each model now performs much closer to the original machines (this means slower than previous versions)
* Can now emulate MEMC page sizes other than 32k, so all memory configurations from 512k to 16 megs are now possible
* Preliminary FDI support in 82c711 FDC
* Better FDI support in WD1772 FDC
* Fast disc emulation in 82c711 FDC
* Bugfixes to video code. Man United Europe now looks better. Less flicker in Populous, Zarch etc
* Keyboard/mouse fix, now doesn’t freeze in Lemmings 2 and some other games
* Fixed broken sound in Sensible Soccer and Xenon 2
* Sound now in stereo
* Some minor optimisations
* Seperate ROM + CMOS files for Arthur, RISC OS 2, RISC OS 3 (old FDC) and RISC OS 3 (new FDC)
* Tracked WD1772 hanging bug down to an incorrectly set CMOS bit! Now fixed

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