Future Pinball est un éditeur de flippers.
Sa particularité est qu’il est complètement en 3D et de nombreuses vues sont disponibles.
Attention tout de même, il nécessite une configuration musclée.

Les changements:

* Fixed problem with Spinning Disks spinning the wrong way
* Fixed issue with swinging target no generating hit events
* Moved to Scintilla 1.69
* Added Dirt to the Ball
* Added Delete Unsed to Texture/Image and Model Managers (also a redesign of the dialog)
* Added Support for TrackIR (www.naturalpoint.com) head tracking unit
* Added Enamel Mapping option to Surfaces
* Added Light Image support
* Added Support for LightImages to Light Sequencer and Light Lists
* Fixed Triggers not saving their reflection surface
* Fixed problem with nvSx variables not being highlighted in the script editor
* Added nvTiltWarnings nvRam variable
* Added Transparency slider to Ramps (Model and Normal)
* Fixed Issue with TGA support for Ramps (and Model Ramps)
* Added sub-stepping to the to the Segment display driver (and HUD equivient)
* Added Motor Power and Damping properties to the spindisk object
* Added Surface property to the spindisk object
* Added DMD Font Editor
* Added DMD Font Manager
* Added DMD Display Driver
* Added Hud DMD Display Driver
* Added GLSL Shader Support
* Added WideScreen (16:9) support. Only 4:3 and 16:9 modes are supported.
* Added Button Colour for External Cabinet
* Added EmKicker object
* Fixed issue with Decal rendering on lower backboard
* Added Ball against Ball Hit sound effect
* Added Translite Width/Height Settings to Table. Are overwritten if the table type is changed
* Translite now has reflection map applied to it (same as the glass overlay)
* Added Image Preview to STA Object
* Halo can be moved/sized (in the Editor) for Lights (round and shapable)
* Fixed issue with table backup failing sometimes.
* 50 New and Improved Models.

Note: Future Pinball ne supporte pas PinMAME (et ne le supportera probablement jamais).

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