Un build non officiel d’Oswan par Toyo (un émulateur à la base créé par Cal2). Il s’agit donc de la version d’Oswan la plus aboutie.

Traduction automatique:

In status bar status indication.
When reading ROM even, you can set the screen shot flag and correcting the trouble which the screen shot is done immediately after the ROM reading.
In title bar cartridge ID indication.
Correcting the bug which can close the main window in the state of Open ROM.
When during About dialogue additional
ROM executing reading another ROM to the Help menu with Recent, correcting the bug where sram is not saved.
It tried corresponding to the drug and drop to the window.
When moving dialogue, it tried to redraw the picture, (becoming black way correction).
When sound processing the file which
reads the bug where modification sound CH3 and Sweep have not sounded
in DirectSound from correction Recent does not exist, correcting trouble

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