Ipher vient de compiler la dernière version de PCSX2 (émulateur Playstation 2), beaucoup d’améliorations dans la gestion du MTGS (CPU: HT ou DC). A essayer en attendant le build dit « stable ». De plus, un pack de plugins à jour est disponible (suffit de remplacer vos anciens plugins par ceux-ci).

Voici les améliorations depuis la version 0.9.1 Fix:

v0.9.2 (WIP):

[ + Added feature ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ – Bug fixed (we hope) ]
[ ! Attention (Notes) ]
[ M Maintenance ]
[ dates are dd/mm/yyyy !!! ]

* 30/10/06:
[*] Improved the way Unpacks are handled slightly, just so its a little quicker (not much)
[-] MMI bug causing corrupt characters on Max Payne fixed
[-] Performance counters corrected in INT and REC
[-] Branches in a branch delay slot no longer results in a crash
[*] Changed Run CD to Run CD/DVD, ps2 doesnt use CD’s much 😛
[*] Removed « Advanced » from the menu, not required anymore (at the moment)
[-] Small alteration to IPU transfers, ending the transfer too quickly
[-] Made a seperate branchtest for INT, fixed the VU not running on the bios in INT (Refraction – Zerofrog)

* 16/10/06:
[-] Counter bugz again, seemed to effect the text in xmen
[-] Fixed an ipu bug which stopped the GTA San Andreas videos working
[-] couple more smaller unpack changes to remove a hack (Refraction)

* 15/10/06:
[*] Moved some declarations from patch.c to patch.h
[-] Fixed problem with XML patch loading (see above).
[+] Merged my WIP cheat finder dialog (note WIP). (Gigaherz)

* 11/10/06:
[+] Added XML Patch support
[-] More unpack fixes for GT3/GT4, Xmen, Midnight Club 2, FFX sky, Whiplash and more 🙂 (Refraction – Gigaherz)

* 05/10/06:
[-] Fixed VIF Unpack skipping write cycle counting (Fixes XMen 2 amongst other SPS)
[-] Small counter change, am i ever going to get peace from these 🙁 (Refraction)

* 03/10/06:
[-] Fixed MFIFO issue where VIF/GIF might not be ready
[*] Improved Guitar Hero fix, seems MFIFO isnt too keen on sliced transfers (especially on GIF)
[*] Modified VS2005 Project file so it compiles – Thanks to CKemu for doing that 😛 (Refraction – CKemu)

* 02/10/06:
[*] Various changes in cdvd.c. Most notable is the implementation of cdvd.PwOff.
It is actualy INTR_STAT and has « completition » bits that are Ack’ed by cdvdman interrupt handler.
…to be continued. (Florin)

* 30/09/06:
[*] Corrected performance counter register reads on COP0 (3 regs are accessed by 1) – Lego Racers 2
[-] Altered the order DIV on IOP rec handles signs – Lego Racers 2 (Refraction)

* 29/09/06:
[-] Fixed condition where MFIFO could get ahead of itself/not have enough data available (fixes Guitar Hero)
[-] Fixed up DMA Stalls between VIF/IPU/GIF, games such as Theme Park World should work properly now.
[+] Added cpu detection for Dual core Opterons, Athlon X2’s and Intel Core 2 Duo’s (no perf effect)
[+] Added saqibs sound changes so ADMA and ADPCM streams work.
[-] Yes, more counter fixes, fed up of these 😛
[-] DMA transfers fixed when a QWC is already given, it transfers the QWC then ends (Fixes Ridge Racer 5 a bit)
[-] Small GSCSR changes, not sure what will be fixed.
[-] Event where the DMA could be terminated during a stall on VIF
[-] Various Rec + MTGS + IPU Fixes (Refraction – Saqib – ZeroFrog)

* 25/07/06:
[-] Changed Vif0 COL/ROW mem write addresses, they were going to the same QW
[*] Made Vif stalls use cycles to delay, due to the spiderman fix we dont want these interrupting instantly! (fixes Flatout BIFCO)
[-] Call/Ret now update the ASR status in the CHCR register
[-] Couple of small fixes to Tag BUSERR, altho i hope we never need them 😛
[+] Added seperate EE counter logging (Refraction)

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