vbSMS+ est une reprise du projet vbSMS (créé par John Casey), un émulateur SEGA Mark III/Master System/Game Gear créé par Olaf.

– added in sprite collision detection (uncommented portions of vbsms source code) [brom]
– added in sprite limit toggling (uncommented portions of vbsms source code) [brom/olaf]
– added missing z80 i/o port mirrors for all supported z80 i/o ports [olaf]
– added header awareness, it will skip and load roms correctly now (recheck roms previously not working) [brom/olaf]
– added a vdp interrupt hack to get « spider-man – return of the sinister six » working [brom]
– added in crc32 checking of files for game specific « patches » (10 total — as done with meka.pat) [olaf]
– added a memory editor with search/state functionality [olaf]
– added in support for the sega master system’s pause button [olaf]
– added a fix for timing via an initialization routine [brom]
– added support for zip compressed rom files [olaf]
– changed the « configure input » window a little [olaf]
– changed game gear input detection a little, put it into the case (where it belongs) [olaf]
– changed input detection again [olaf]
– changed the version scheme x.x versus x.x.x (version 0.1.1’s successor is 2.0) [olaf]
– removed the grayscale palette/palette switching [olaf]

NB: vbSMS+ passe de la 0.0.1 à la v2.0 parcequ’en fait vbSMS (de john casey et sur laquelle est basée la version « plus ») correspond déjà à une version 1.0, donc pour clarifier les choses, vbSMS+ passe directement le numéro de version au dessus.

Télécharger Emma 02 (x86) v1.26 (9,0 Mo)

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