Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs dont voici les nouveautés:

* This version of GameEx introduces a plugin system
* There are three new plugins included and a new plugin manager application
* There is a caller ID plugin and a password exit plugin both by Ben Baker
* In addition a simple speech plugin which speeks the names of games is included
* If you can code in .net you too can get involved, and this is something that I plan to extend to be able to allow complete modules to be coded for GameEx
* A big thanks to Ben Baker who helped me imensly with all this and still is. Ben is also working on a LedWiz and LCD plugin that should be available shortly
* For registered users there’s enhanced internet radio with shoutcast browsing, 1000’s of stations, and a favorites manager
* GameEx setup wizard 1.52 by Ben Baker
* Fixes prompting to update the game list everytime a configuration setting is changed
* Fixes volume up for SlikStik users
* Should hopefully fix create MAME videos for some users
* The final stages of the GameEx install should now be quicker

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