Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Sega Master System et Game Gear dont voici les nouveautés:

-Implement support for zoomed (16×16, 16×32) sprites.
Corrected games:
X-Men – Mojo World
Virtua Fighter mini
Earthworm jim (SMS and GG) uses 16*32 sprite :/
And a few other one.

-Add option -irqhack: cpu->step() just before generating IRQ. This solve a few
game lockup. Thanks to Charles Macdonalds for the solution.
New games working:
Chicago Syndicate
Zool (SMS/GG)
Monster Truck War
Sega Chess

-Add support for Korean Memory mapper. Mappers are now method-pointer driven
instead of selected in wr8() with if/else condition.

-Add row 24-31 scrolling lock.

-Add embedded database with CRC32 of games that need specific options.
User don’t need to look for good option anymore.

-Modify the Debugger. It’s now based on event (On @write, EI, DI, VDP IRQ
asserted ect…).

-Correct page 0 banking. ROM at 0x000 – 0x400 is no more swapped if page 0 is
changed. Spacegun now works.

-Rewrite IRQ system. IRQ generation is more accurate now.
New game working:
Castelo Ra Tin Bum (Brazil) [b1].sms
Castelo Ra Tin Bum (Brazil) [!].sms
Joe Montana’s Football GG
GP Rider
Spider-Man – Return of the Sinister Six (JUE).gg
Spider-Man – Return of the Sinister Six (JUE).sms
Last Action Hero (UE)[!].gg
Star Wars (collision detection).

-Add josytick support. (-joy option)

-Simplification of input handling in OsmoseCore.cpp. It’s faster.

-make port 0x2 return what was written.
New game working:
Primal Rage GG
Stargate GG
Pac Attack GG
Mortal Combat II GG
Griffin GG

-Modify code to avoid all GCC 4.1.1 warnings.

-Major speedup on Bilinear video filter.

-Remove -time_limite option.

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