Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de PC engine dont voici les changements:

– When CD-ROM was accessed in some games, the bug that a noise mixed with ADPCM sound occasionally was corrected.

– In « Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire », it mounted so that « ADPCM voice » is
played before « 2-Stage is started ». As a result, other Game with the
problem that ADPCM is not played might have been corrected.
– The CD access processing has been improved so that it emulated as the same
as possible as for any personal computer environment. As a result, at the
access speed of a variety of CD drives, it was solved that the sound
shifted. (Visual scene of « Ys IV » and « Popful Mail », etc.)
– « Popful Mail » came to operate(v0.82). Moreover, it was made not to freeze
even if CD drive not fast was used.
* « Popful Mail » needs « CPU power » more than other games. When used with a
personal computer not fast, it doesn’t operate well.
– The operation speed of CPU (consumption cycle) was approached to a real
machine. (Certain experiment information from PC2E author’s Mr.Ki)
– In specific foreign language input environment (IME), the trouble to which
the Joypad was not able to be set was corrected.
– In « Rainbow Island », when the display of « Hurry!! » appears, the problem
that the screen had become one light blue color (generated by v0.81) was
– In « Fighting Street », at the match conclusion (chiefly at « Time Over »),
the problem that ADPCM voice was not occasionally played was solved.
– In opening demo of « Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu II », the problem with
not correct vertical position where a part of screen was displayed was
– In the software for mouse, when mouse’s wheel was moved up and down
quickly, the problem that had become reset operation of PC Engine
(SELECT+RUN) occasionally was corrected.

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