Il s’agit d’une version hacké de Chankast (le meilleur émulateur Sega DreamCast disponible mais non mis à jour depuis deux ans) permettant de lancer quelques nouveaux jeux et corrigeant quelques petits bugs.

Les améliorations:

– Now a joystick wrapper
– Speed controls extended to k/b and 2nd joypad
– Optional turbo off key
– Rewritten windows sizing code
– More GamesEx friendly.
– No cd-errors option extended to aspi plugin.
– Ikarura Fix now zero impact.
– Saves settings on exit.
– Start fullscreen for better sound sync.
– Fps Limiting has less impact on overall speed.

No new games in this release, im afraid. 🙁
This is a mainainance release to address some issues in chankast and
also allows us to take down the exe hack version from the site.

The pre-setup bundle you are using is already setup to run Chankast
with ChankEx. ChankEx will wrap any chankast input plugin renamed to
« wrapme.lib ». This will be extended to a proper selector in future

Chankast v0.25 Alpha (officiel)

Chankast EX v1.4.5 (non officiel)

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