Il s’agit de la version 3 de TiEmu mais sans le module GDB.

– [kevin] $2202: fixed g_free of invalid pointers in state.c (#1471709)
– [kevin] $2203: fixed ticalcs_cable_detach of NULL calc_handle when exiting TiEmu early (reported by hypersonic)
– [kevin] $2211: imported Insight 6.5 and intl directory from Binutils 2.17 and merged TiEmu changes
quote file name for add_symbol_file properly for the new add_symbol_file command parser in GDB 6.5
– [roms] $2216: replaced some hand-made GTK+ user boxes by standard GTK+ ones (look better)
– [kevin] $2219: regenerated oleaut_i.c with WIDL now that this is supported
– [kevin] $2223: force serial make in src/ because the weirdness of the gdb subdir make breaks parallel make
– [roms] $2224: reverted back OLE changes in oleaut_i.c: break MSVC compilation
– [roms] $2225: fixed signed/unsigned warnings with MSVC
– [kevin] $2231: fixed get_folder_list_handle failing
– [kevin] $2232: fixed canceling KDE file dialog causing an « invalid file » error
– [roms] $2233: new feature: ‘Link Log’ dialog box (part 1/3)
– [roms] $2234: factorized code: PC logging has been moved from Ti68kBreakpoints structure
to Ti68kLogging one. Please note this doesn’t affect the SAV_REVISION flag (part 2/3).
– [roms] $2235: fill dialog box with log and save to file(part 3/3)
– [roms] $2236: improved link logger (print data blocks rather than single bytes)
– [kevin] $2243: created a D-Bus interface
– [kevin] $2245: register a service name for the D-Bus interface
– [kevin] $2246: don’t check for unneeded aRts and KDE documentation generation executables (request from Gentoo #112985)
– [kevin] $2250: don’t call CoInitialize and CoUninitialize in oleaut.cpp, GTK+ already does this (to use input methods)
– [kevin] $2251: reverted changes to support 8 MB FlashROM, as HW4 actually only has 4 MB
– [roms] $2254: display handle id as hex and dec (O. Armand feature request)
– [tyler] $2256: fixed title in the Image Creation Wizard (was titled TiEmu II, actually TiEmu 3)
– [kevin] $2257: reenabled OLE interface (tested by Tyler) (NOTE: does NOT work in WINE)
– [kevin] $2262: don’t crash when attempting to load 8 MB images from old TiEmu
– [kevin] $2264: use kde-config to locate KDE instead of hardcoded directories which were missing /usr/lib64
– [kevin] $2265: fix –enable-shared-itcl so the shared libitcl and libitk are built with -fPIC
– [kevin] $2269: remove special-casing of __MACOSX__ from some include paths which shouldn’t be needed
– [kevin] $2270: fixed memory leaks in config file handling
– [kevin] $2271: fixed about dialog not closing when Close is clicked with GTK+ 2.10
– [kevin] $2274: don’t proceed to ROM image wizard step 3 if importing the image failed
– [roms] $2276: GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_ was set to NORMAL instead of DIALOG. Very annoying because this makes the window appears in the top of all others.
– [roms] $2278: fixed window resizing which was disabled (but note that Windows resizing is an ugly hack because
gtk_window_set_hints does not work properly under Windows).
– [roms] $2280: set ‘Debug file with TiEmu’ unsensitive when build in no-gdb mode
– [roms] $2282: added ‘quick send’ feature in -gdb version. This allows to by-pass the file selection box.
– [roms] $2298: fixed memory leak in scroptions (folder name was not freed)
– [roms] $2299: make ‘quick send’ options persistent
– [roms] $2300: make ‘quick send’ feature available in both versions. Popup menu reworked.
– [roms] $2303: output a message about OLE (un)registration
– [roms] $2308: added DnD support for changing skin, sending files and importing images
** Released on 08/12/2006 **

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