JSwingC64 est le port pour PC de JME C64, il s’agit d’un émulateur Commodore C64 codé en Java.

Les nouveautés depuis la version 1.0.2:

1.2.1 (based on SVN rev. 149)
– fixed raster line IRQ handling (bug ID 1618466)
– improved keyboard handling
– improved painting of the border
– automatically increase the frame-skip value on slow PCs (implements feature request ID 1608754)

1.2 (based on SVN rev. 139)
– implemented a status bar for the Swing version of the emulator (feature request ID 1610626)
– map PC Escape key to C64 Arrow Left key
– corrected the display of the file type for .t64 files (fix for bug ID 1610169)

1.1 (based on SVN rev. 134)
– added C64 ROM files to the released binary
– improved the handling in case of defective .t64 files
– correctly handle writes and reads to the IO area $dc10-$dcff and $dd10-$ddff
– have the emulator remember the directory from which the last image was loaded and start the file dialog with that directory for the next image loading (feature request ID 1605381)

Télécharger Makaron EX v4.1 (5,8 Mo)

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