Un émulateur Amstrad CPC, Il tourne sous Dos (16 bits), DPMI (Dos 32 bits) & Windows (95/98/…). L’émulation est de très bonne qualité.

– CPCE supports up to 576K RAM and 272K ROM, and is thus able to run Prodatron’s SymbOS GUI at full performance both from disc images and ROMs.
– The DOS version has had one of its oldest bugs (RAM banking on video memory corrupted graphics) fixed, and the DPMI version includes the DPMI extender PMODE 3.07 so external extenders such as CWSDPMI are no more required from pure DOS.
– Other bugs (such as rare structure corruption after a FDC format) have been
fixed too.

Télécharger CPCE 1.94 (284,2 Ko)

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