Nouvelle version pour ce bon émulateur de Sega Saturn dont voici les nombreuses nouveautés:

– Moved Netlink code to its own file: netlink.c
– Improved Netlink AT command handling. Most games using the X-Band software
should work now.
– Fixed a number of bugs that were causing strange behaviour in Netlink
– Added Modem states. Online Mode is now handled correctly.
– Added Networking code that allows two Yabause instances to communicate
with each other. Still somewhat buggy.

cd block:
– Fixed an issue where games that didn’t specify an index along with the
track when playing cd audio didn’t work correctly.

– Code cleanups.

– Code cleanups.
– Adjusted frameskip code so it skips up to a maximum of 9 frames at a time.
direct sound core:
– Fixed a bug that was screwing up the buffer position. Now it’s almost
perfect(at the very least there’s no clicks or pops anymore).
sdl sound core:
– Fixed a bug that was screwing up the buffer position. Now it’s almost
perfect(at the very least there’s no clicks or pops anymore).
software video core:
– Polygon drawing improvements
– Removed the silly y-axis clipping technique
– Added a filter for clipping detection
– Added vdp1 « end codes » in textures, but didn’t find a game that use it
yet, please report bugs.
– Code Cleanups
– Fixed a potential bug in polygons
– Fixed a bug in polygon clipping

linux port:
– Code cleanups
– Changed a few things in configure script to fix compilation problems when
OpenGL and/or gtkglext were not present.
– Added a log popup window.
– Added a screenshot window on gtk port.
– Fixed Pause/Screenshot bug.
– Removed the « Keep ratio » setting as it can’t be done in gtk and
replaced it by a « Fullscreen » setting.
– Added a yabause entry in gnome and KDE application menus
– Changed configure script so it fails on linux if –with-opengl is used
and gtlglext is not installed.

dreamcast port:
– Compiles and runs again.
– Added Normal Sprite support.
– Added Distorted Sprite support.
– Added Scaled Sprite support.
– Added in YabauseGetTicks support.
– Ported VDP2 portion of software renderer.
– Added new cd core.
– Added very simple GUI.
– Other bug fixes.
netbsd port:
– Added patch to get yabause working on netbsd with cd support thanks to
Takashi Kyohara.

windows port:
– Added pad configuration(first pad only).
– Added support for gamepads/joysticks.
– Removed duplicate cd code.
– Added a separate thread for cd access. SPTICDGetStatus is the only
function making use of it for now.
– Fixed fullscreen bug
– Added dialog and settings saving/loading for Netlink stuff(disabled for now).
– Other bug fixes.

– Commited mac port fix by Antime.
– Coordinate Increment Registers are now set to 1 when using the quick load
function. It seems there’s at least one game out there that doesn’t want
to set it.
– Improved Backup Ram bios emulation functions. The only functions that
still aren’t functioning correctly are Bup Write, Bup Read, Bup Verify,
and Bup Set/Get Date. So still no saving, but at least there’s no errors
when running games now.

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