Il s’agit d’un émulateur de RiscPC dont voici les nouveautés:

* Working StrongARM emulation
* Changed timing system, sound much more stable
* Moved blitting to seperate thread, big speed boost in some stuff on dual core/hyperthreading CPUs
* Optimisations to ARM + memory, speed boost between 10% and 25%
* Fixed abort handling and MSR/MRS in 26-bit modes, more stuff now works, eg Ankh, Blu, Era, Reactivity, RISC OS 6
* Changes to MMU permissions, ArmLinux now starts (but doesn’t run yet)
* Crash bug fixed in 32-bit colour
* Can now alter video refresh rate from the default of 60hz
* Better mouse support in Linux
* Early GUI in Linux
* Linux port now works on x86-64
* Fullscreen mode (Windows only)

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