Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Chip8.

– source: lots of refactoring, almost everything has been rewritten
– added accurate RCA COSMAC VIP emulation with built-in CHIP-8 and CHIP-8X
modes, the SCHIP interpreter is separate from this
– removed support for rewind
– SCHIP: removed CHIP-8X support (emulated now), removed modulo random hack,
removed increment i hack, and added a hack to clear the HP48 flags
– SCHIP: speed is visible on the titlebar
– if emulation/interpretation has stopped, it’s visible on the titlebar
instead of a messagebox
– shortened titlebar title to FNC
– settings are saved to the registry instead of an external file
– added hard reset
– added aspect ratio selection
– frame timing is more accurate
– added a sleep option to prevent heavy cpu usage (it affects frame timing
– input: switched to DirectInput, added a ‘shadow’ keypad, and added an option
to set keys on character instead of on location
– changed hotkey layout a bit
– moved start address selection to the open dialog
– executable is now bundled with 2 games by me, Sokoban and Rush Hour
– rewrote documentation

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