Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de PcEngine:

– The image quality (« Coloring » & « Quality of the special scanline of
default ») has been improved to become beautiful and easy to play.
– « Set Resume » menu was added to « File » menu. The game that puts the check
in this menu starts from the last continuation when starting next. (Every
time, when ending, it saves the state by the automatic.) Moreover, states
of the « TurboButton » setting and the « CPU Speed » setting , etc. return.
(The best setting at each game can be preserved.)
– Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. In
« Bravoman », the problem that the character font takes the shape (generated
from v0.88) was corrected.
– The behavior (screen display) when the « Hu-CARD game » started was modeled
on a real machine.
– « MoreLate RasterTiming » menu was added to « CPU » menu.
– The resolution of « 400×300 » and « 800×600 » can be selected at full-screen.
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

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