Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Multi-Arcade est dispo. Voici les nouveautées :

– First Release of Win32 (MingW) version of Laser (ss_teven)
– Added discrete logic games! (MetaFox): Pong & Pong Doubles
– Most everything from the pre-releases (MetaFox, ss_teven)
– Cleaned up roms.c (more efficient) (ss_teven)
– Fixed ‘Game Not Supported’ crash (ss_teven)
– Made speed throttler more ‘porter’ friendly [3/04] (ss_teven)
– Rearranged roms.c and driver.c more accordingly [3/04] (ss_teven)
– Killed the scramble driver for undisclosed reasons [4/03] (ss_teven)
– Pause now restores original background gfx (ss_teven)

Télécharger LASER (obsolète) 0.20 (567.4 Ko)

Télécharger LASER32 (obsolète) 0.20 (594.5 Ko)

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