Nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur de Sega Saturn existant.

Traduction automatique:

Seeking state was added to drive status of CD block.
It reaching the point where ZERO DIVIDE and the [huarukomukurashitsukusu] Ⅱ move, it increases.
The drawing processing of VDP1 was corrected.
It reaching the point where cursor of [vuandaruhatsu] is indicated, it increases.
It tried to consider the cycle pattern designated mistake of VDP2.
Demoniac castle Dracula it reaching the point where the picture of X and [warudohirozupahuekuto] etc is indicated securely, it increases.
Because it is a little heavy processing, option is provided.
At the time of the state load the trouble where CDDA playback fails was corrected.

BIOS it is not with, it tried to be able to do disk exchange.
CD access LED was mounted.
Version of the state saving data changed.
Version of 1 generations ago (Ver0.08 alpha R3) it tries to be able to read, but
You cannot read the data of time before Ver0.08 alpha R3.
In addition because it modified also the BIOS emulating program, BIOS it is not the data depending upon the software you cannot read.

Check of cycle pattern designated mistake has gone the normal BG aspect, only in case of cell type and 16 colors.
Other than that it deteriorates partly, because when is many, when developing (understanding,) corrects mistake the expectation

Télécharger SSF v0.12 Beta R4 (1,2 Mo)

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