Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de PcEngine:

– « TV Mode » was added to the image quality mode of the screen. It is
possible to play by atmosphere like the video output of TV. A temporary
switch can be done by « Screen » menu (or « F11 » key). At « Setting »-> »Screen »
menu, it can be set to start.
– « Configure TurboButton » was added to « Input » menu. The button only for the
auto fire function can be set. * When you set this button and you do a
usual auto fire setting (« TurboButton I », « TurboButton II » menu), it is
possible to use it oppositely as « Non-TurboButton ».
– « TurboSpeed Off » was added to the speed setting of the auto fire. When you
set the button only for the auto fire (« Configure TurboButton » menu), the
auto fire button can be off (it doesn’t function as I&II button).
– Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. At high
score display of « Darius Plus » and Half-time of « Formation Soccer’90 »,
etc., the problem that the screen fell into disorder by one frame
occasionally was corrected.
– The scanline image quality when the screen is « x4 » has been improved.
– At full-screen, the switch processing of the screen mode (stretch and
scanline) was sped up.
– The reproducibility of the « SUPER GRAFX » has been improved. In ending of
« Daimakaimura(Ghouls’n Ghosts) », partial fade-out processing of the
screen smoothed. (I think that it can do the same reproduction as a real
machine if the memory 16 years of me ago is correct.(^^;)
– « Super Grafx Mode » was added to « CPU » menu. It is possible to switch to
the « SUPER GRAFX » mode by hand power. I think that the demonstration and
the game etc. of making for the « SUPER GRAFX » by oneself operate, too.
Moreover, if you use it in « Darius Plus » with « Perform SpriteLimit » menu,
it comes skilled a strong sprite ability like « Hardly flickered with the
SUPER GRAFX real machine ».
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
– After that, it is a supplementation with the last upgrade release. If you
used « Set Resume » menu added with v0.90, in the game where a high score is
not preserved, a high score permanently remains. I think that it heats the
game play.

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