Le seul émulateur Sony SMC-777 du marché. Entièrement en Japonais, normal pour un ordinateur Japonais 🙂

Traduction automatique:

– Add the function in which arbitrary keys are assigned to a joy stick.
– When it is made all screens, correct so that cursor may be eliminated after fixed time progress.
– Correction of the bug whose state of LED on a screen may not correspond
– Change the selection dialog display when returning from a state preservation file without a disk nothing.
– Change the display position of the pop up menu at the time of pressing a menu key.
– Correct possible [ change of the addition of operation and the display size by the LED click on a screen ].
– Correct so that a setup of mouse move speed can be specified to xfour.
– the item to which the history of FD image of a menu is not set — selection — suppose that it is invalid — as — correction
– Change a menu into a view as popup in the full screen.
– Correct so that the creation place of the memory for Sir festivals can be chosen.
– Correct what has the amusing transparent color by the splash picture at the time of starting.
– Since calculation of the frequency spectrum designation of a caption was omission, change into rounding off.
– Readjust an icon just for a moment.

Télécharger WinSMC 0.17 (95,2 Ko)

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