Le seul émulateur FM Towns disponible. Notez qu’il est encore en développement et aussi en Japonais 😉

La liste des améliorations est en anglais heureusement:

– Lots of speed and protect-mode related improvements in CPU emulation
– Speed compatibility improvement in sprite drawing
– Added support for super-impose bit in sprite emulation
– Fixed FM timer behaviour
– Various fixes in SCSI, FD, and CD controller emulation
– Fixed keyboard interrupt handling and internal issues in key input
– Added half size screen capturing
– Mouse capturing is now selectable from three mouse operations: (1)left
double click, (2)middle button click, and (3)wheel
– Added brightness control
– New design statusbar
– Added volume LED in statusbar
– Added HD, FD, and CD access LED in statusbar
– Added a system key to toggle speed performance setting
– Contents of titlebar and statusbar can now be configurable
– Revised propertysheet and menu
– Almost all english dialogs and messages for the international use
and various small fixes

Télécharger Unz v0.5 L30 (253,0 Ko)

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