Un nouvel émulateur Dreamcast est en préparation et il se nomme Makaron par dknute . Plusieurs émulateurs de DreamCast en développement en ce moment et qui ont l’air très prometteur en attendant une mise à jour de Chankast.

Its a Dreamcast emulator for windows from a Polish chap named dknute, we havent seen many DC emulators since Chanka really so this is interesting stuff, as the news is in Polish its had to go through translation & isnt perfect but the gist of it seems intact as this wip update is meant to tease us a little:

‘It imitated me to lay paw on very interesting stuffs Spore this it is, of couple hours impounded me oneself revisal – I will have employment on any time.
In the interim I decided you somewhat to tease and to insert a few samples from the employ newly of conquered knowledge in practice.’

Un framerate intéréssant !

Plus d’informations (en Polonais par contre) et d’images sur le site officiel.