Nouvelle version (la 73ième) pour cet excellent émulateur de Super Nes dont voici les nouveautés:

All Ports:


- Rejoice for finally having 224 lines and them being shown properly in all

cases. [pagefault]

- IRQ and timing fixes (fixes Chrono Trigger issues, Super Mario World, and

others). [pagefault]

- Fixed bug with certain commandline parameters permanently overwriting

config file settings. [Nach]

- Fixed bug with loading new ZMVs of a different version. [Nach]

- Loading ZMV with ROM mismatch prints a message. [Nach]

- Movie menu now has tabs and only shows proper options when available.

[Deathlike, Nach, grinvader]

- Slight improvement to the Custom Res functionality. [Deathlike, Nach]

- Keep4_3Ratio option now only shows when necessary. [Deathlike]

- PNG files now use extended height in extended height mode. [Nach]

- Pausing, rewinding, and fast fowarding are disabled during movie dumping.

[Nach, SamB]

- You can now force a movie dump length shorter or longer than the actual ZMV

length. [Nach, Deathlike]

- Fixes for MEncoder check; added LAME check. [Nach]

- Custom dumping with multiple passes implemented. [Nach]

- Fixed some bad memory reads in command-line parser. Thanks grinvader. [Nach]

- Now there's an option to switch to replay mode while recording movies when

loading a state and vice versa. [Nach, Deathlike]

- Fixed a bunch of bugs with certain save selection techniques not working

right. [Deathlike]

- Fixed gui font overwrite problem after fixing a cheat. The dots should be

gone now. [Jonas Quinn]

- You can now select the level of HQ filtering where applicable. [Deathlike]

- Many tweaks made to reduce GUI mem usage on all ports. [Deathlike]

- ZSNES now properly adheres to the command-line when Auto State Save/Load is

used. [Deathlike]

- Quick exit key now adheres to Auto State Save/Load. [Deathlike]

- Inc/Dec Gamma toggles actually DO something. Gamma level is now definable in

the config file. [Deathlike]

- Fixed bugs with playing back ZMVs of 2+ players at once. [Nach]

- Fix crash if you rewind farther than the game start in Kirby Super Star,

Secret of Mana and some other games. [Jonas Quinn]

- Fix crashing if using rewind in a movie before rewind slot is filled. Thanks

BoltR. [Nach]

- Readded the smoke effect. [Jonas Quinn]

- Fixed the Winter Gold crash (but not the freeze). [Jonas Quinn]

- Fixed crash in Super Demo World and possibly certain other large games.

[Jonas Quinn]

- Fixed loading many old ZSTs. [Jonas Quinn]

- Fixed some bugs with movies which load from power on with SRAM. [Nach]

- Fixed some issues with DSP-4 movies. [Nach]

- Added ability to have game-specific input. Main input is now stored in

zinput.cfg. [Nach, Deathlike]

- Added option in Config->Options for Screenshot format. [Deathlike]

- Fix crash on creation of ZMV if save path does not exist. Thanks Maximus.


- Logo support for AVI dumping. Set the logo file in zmovie.cfg; it can be

gzip'd if you want. [Nach]

- Pick state menu (default - F3) now has wraparound. Praise Pac-Man!


- Config file cleanup for more understandability. [Deathlike]

- New Don't Save SRAM option. [Deathlike]

- More GUI cleanup and tweaking, also reorganization. [Deathlike]

- Removed the horrible-sounding Mono Surround Sound code. [Deathlike]

- Source cleanup. [Deathlike, Phil^, Nach, grinvader]

- Parsegen now allows one to define inside a PSR file to have it reject arrays

from older config files. [Nach]

- Our assembly syntax shortener now is case-insensitive with new

case-insensitive string class. [Nach]

- Archopt has updated flags, added GCC 4.2's -march=native support. [Nach]

- Parsegen now has atoui() which should fix reading very large values. [Nach]

- Ported more assembly to C. [Jonas Quinn]

- Misc. bug fixes. [Deathlike, Jonas Quinn, SamB, Nach, grinvader]

DOS Port:


- Fixed snapshots key from attempting to take a PNG when it cannot.


- Removed old DOS debugger at last. [SamB]

- Clock box option now does something in 8-bit modes. [Deathlike]

Win Port:


- Updated and improved NTSC filter. [Blargg, pagefault, Deathlike]

- Added 1600x1200 S Full to Windows port for consistency. Fixed details of

1600x1200 S Win. [Deathlike]

- Fixed crash with HQ4x in windowed mode with Hi-Res Mode 7 on. [Deathlike]

SDL Port:


- Fixed broken option on Mac OS X; load menu shouldn't crash anymore. Thanks

phf. [Nach]

- Made WIP launch message berate users for not using --enable-release if it

was an official release. [Nach]

- Added option to define configuration directory. [Aerdan]

- Mac OS X config directory now defaults to Library/Application Support/ZSNES.


- Symlink support for matching ROM name to files. [Nach]

- Updated and improved NTSC filter. [Blargg, pagefault, Deathlike]

- More accurate NTSC ratio. [pagefault]

- You can now use libao for sound, compile with --enable-libao, also see

zsnes --help for a list of drivers to use. [Nach, Bisqwit, grinvader]

- Unit testing done; off by one errors in audio sample output fixed. Thanks

hakonrk and grinvader. [Nach]

- Now supports ~ (home directory) in various places, most notably ROM loading.


- Fixed some filtering and video refreshing issues. [Deathlike]

- Fixed Bilinear Filtering on startup. [Deathlike]

NB: Je vous rappel que pour faire des vidéos au format Xvid ou H.264 avec Zsnes, vous aurez besoin de MEncoder (encodeur video) ainsi que Lame (encodeur sonore) à mettre dans le répertoire courant de Zsnes.exe.
Et toujours une petite vidéo d'exemple ici et une nouvelle (la fin de cybernator) là.