Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de PC Engine :

- It corresponded to operation by "Windows Vista". It operates almost

normally in the "FullScreen" mode. However, there are still the following

three problems.

* The smoothing of the image quality is not effective. (It becomes a

little hard image quality. The processing is a little heavier than


* In the window mode, "V-Sync" doesn't work. (The image flickers a little

when scrolling.)

* In the window mode, operation slows when the sidebar and the

gadget, etc. are displayed.

If the driver of nVidia for Vista perfection goes up, the above issue

might be solved. (It is unconfirmed in the video cards other than made of

nVidia now.)

Therefore, the current state recommends the use set to "Setting->Screen->

Start FullScreen mode" by the menu. I think that the Ootake side can

correspond to complete operation (include for Aero) in the Vista window

mode in the future.

- Processing related to drawing and playing sounds was sped up (lightened)

in some measure. * Compared with me

- The system requirements was done for "DirectX8.1 or more". I think that

tone quality improved according to the environment. If you use the low

version of DirectX, please download a new version.

- In the "Video Speed Up" mode, the tone quality was improved.

- In the "Video Speed Up" mode, the processing was sped up (lightened).

- In the "BigAudioBuffe" mode, the size of the buffer was made the half of

the former version. (In a lot of tunes, it sounds better by the buffer of

a moderate size.)

- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.