Nouvelle version de Mame spécial 10ième anniversaire avec l’émulation du CPS-2 sans Xor’s (enfin c’était déjà intégré dans les précédentes versions « u »).

Changements depuis v0.111u6:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


debug_assertions0111u6ora [Aaron Giles]

z80update0111u6red [David Haywood]

memory_leak0111u6ora (partial) [Oliver Stoneberg]

crosshair0111u5gra [Canim, Aaron Giles]

renegade0111u4red [Aaron Giles]

subs0111u6yel [Aaron Giles]

ddraweffect0111yel [Aaron Giles]

Source Changes


Fixed popping in Berzerk speech. [Lord Nightmare]

Added osd_rmfile to the osdcore, replacing calls to remove().

[Nathan Woods]

Cleaned up a number of drivers that were using malloc from within

DRIVER_INIT to use malloc_or_die instead. [Atari Ace]

Fixed memory leak with -wavwrite switch. [Oliver Stoneberg]

Updated Tempest to support second player controls. [stephh]

Updated the dooyong driver to use the new-style banking system. Also

added some preliminary save state support. [Vas Crabb]

Some improvements to pmpoker.c: [Roberto Fresca]

- Crystal documented via #define.

- CPU clock derived from #defined crystal value.

- Replaced simulated colors with proper color prom decode.

- Cleaned up the driver a bit.

- Updated color PROMs

Some improvements to funworld.c: [Roberto Fresca]

- All crystals documented via #defines.

- All CPU and sound clocks derived from #defined crystal values.

- Added DIPLOCATIONS to all games.

- Added proper tsc87c52 MCU dumps to monglfir and soccernew.

- Modified the refresh rate to 60 fps.

Fixed SCSP DSP RAM initialization. [R. Belmont]

Improved decryption of MC8123-0054 based on a new dump.

[Nicola Salmoria]

Fixed Moon Patrol scrolling so that it matches the schematics.

[Chris Hardy]

Proper implementation of noise generator in the Exidy/Berzerk sound

circuit. [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed toaplan2.c driver to add controls for player 3 in 'fixeigh*'

(of course, main set - 'fixeight' - still remains unplayable).


Added DIP locations to the arabian driver. [Roberto Fresca]

Fixed random dots in Columns '97 graphics. [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Added DIP locations to wwffest, ninjaw, and itech32 drivers.

[Brian Troha]

Rewrote faux x86 assembly in the Irem GA20 sound core. [R. Belmont]

Improvements to the Cidelsa driver. [Curt Coder, David Haywood]

Minor cleanup to the 8039 disassembler. [Nathan Woods]

Improvements to the sslam driver: [Quench]

* corrected the music sequencing simulation of the sound controller

in SSLAM based on poking a real board Guru kindly provided.

* added save state support

* added DIP locations

Fixed crash in cybrcomm due to missing ROM. [R. Belmont]

Changed alpha blending code to use multiplies instead of table

lookups to simplify it. [Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up some poorly written code in konamiic.c; there is still

much work to be done here, but it fixes the GX sprites. [Aaron Giles]

Removed linear interpolation from the BSMT2000 by default since the

original chip did not do interpolation. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status


Teeter Torture [Aaron Giles]

Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition [Nicola Salmoria]

Lady Master of Kungfu [Juddy]

Destroyer (Cidelsa) [Curt Coder]

Witch [Tomasz Slanina]

New clones added


Double Dragon (US Set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli]

Golden Poker Double Up (Mini Boy) [Roberto Fresca]

Pool 10 (Italia, set 2) [Roberto Fresca]

Mighty! Pang (USA 001010) [David Haywood, Charles MacDonald]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING


Wyvern Wings [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Alpha One (Vision Electronics / Kyle Hodgetts) [Gareth Hall]

Cash Quiz (Type B, Version 5) [Chris Hardy]

Pour l'occasion le site de MameDev se voit lifté légèrement et offre à présent un wiki visible ici. Une page sur l'histoire de Mame est consultable ici et toutes les sources et binaires depuis le début sont à présent disponible sur cette page (sauf les "u").

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Par ailleurs et pour s'amuser, l'équipe propose le premier Mame (v0.1) à la sauce v0.112 (alias Mame 10th c'est à dire Mame v0.112 mais pour windows dont seul les drivers du premier Mame ont été conservés). Disponible sur le site officiel, il supporte le nombre astronomique de 5 romsets (Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Crush Roller, Pengo, Lady Bug), et oui déjà 10ans !