Nouvelle version de l’alter-ego de Mame mais pour les consoles, en voici les changements :

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):


- Amiga 500 NTSC (former "amiga" driver) [Ernesto Corvi]

- Amiga 500 PAL [Ernesto Corvi]

- Amiga 1000 NTSC [Ernesto Corvi]

- Apple IIj+ [Nick Westgate]

System Driver Changes:


- [AMIGA] Fixed regressions; now boots properly. Also added keyboard support,

512KB "slow-ram" support, preliminary support for Datel Action Replay 1 and

many floppy controller fixes. Added Chip RAM mirroring and Extended ADF 1

disk format. [Ernesto Corvi]

- [APPLE2] Fixed crash when ramsize was set to 4k. (bug #1048) [Nate Woods]

- [ATARI] Fixed hang on reset bug. (bug #982) [Nate Woods]

- [AVIGO] Removed redundant artwork in (bug #1043) [Nate Woods]

- [C16] Fixed crash when ramsize was set to less than 64k. (bug #1049) [Nate


- [COCO] Fixed crash when ramsize was set to less than 32k. (bug #993) [Nate


- [COCO] Fixed hi-res interface regression introduced in 0.105. Also cleaned

up how input devices work. (bug #1025) [Nate Woods]

- [COCO] Fixed regression in one-bit sound. (bug #1041) [Nate Woods]

- [DGNBETA] More fully implemented certain graphics modes. [Phill


- [GAMEBOY] Updated aspect ratios for gameboy, gbpocket, and gbcolor to 10:9,

supergb to 4:3. [Belegdol]

- [IP204415] Fixed driver. (bug #986) [Nate Woods]

- [MK2] Updated to use the new artwork system. [Justin Kerk]

- [MSX2] Fixed MSX2 PAL framerates. (bug #963) [MJSTY]

- [N64] Added the .bin file extension. (bug #1016) [Nate Woods]

- [SATURN] Saturn driver back up to date so it starts up and shows the boot

screens properly. [R. Belmont]

- [THOMSON] Fixed device name that clashed with "cc" option on main MESS. (bug

#994) [Antoine Mine]

- [THOMSON] Improved video and mouse emulation, and all machines now use the

Model 2 Game Extension. [Antoine Mine]

- [TRS80] Fixed TRS-80 drivers. [Robbert, R. Belmont]

- [VTECH1] Fixed memory leak. (bug #1021) [Nate Woods]

- [VTECH1] Rewrote memory and input handling, added support for the 4MB

extension. Also changed BASICV2.1 loading and corrected Laser 310 clock

frequency. [Dirk Best]

User Interface Changes:


- Changed -biospath command line option to be -rompath. -biospath still works

but it is secondary and configuration files created by MESS will use

-rompath. Also removed -softwarepath, paths passed on the command line will

now be absolute. The concept of software paths will continue within the

MESS GUI. [Nate Woods]

- [Windows] Fixed bug that could cause the loss of mouse capture when toggling

the menu bar. (bug #977) [Nate Woods]

- [Windows] Fixed regression when saving and loading save states. (bug #1035)

[Nate Woods]

- [Windows] Fixed device create bugs that could cause file extensions to not

be specified by default or crashes. (bug #1040) [Nate Woods]

Imgtool Changes:


- Fixed a bug that could cause crashes when opening ZIP files. [Nate Woods]

- Updated help text. [Nate Woods]

Source Changes:


- The core is based on MAME 0.112. This incorporates all features of the

update to this core. [MAME team]

- Fixed certain crashes that occured on hard reset. (bug #988) [Nate Woods]

- Fixed bug that caused a crash when a device was passed an empty string at

the command line. (bug #991) [Nate Woods] (source

- Fixed error reporting when startup images are not properly loaded up. (bug

#928, #990, #992) [Nate Woods]

- Fixed crash when unmounting images in the old UI file manager. (bug #998)

[Nate Woods]

- Fixed various memory leaks in debug builds when the debugger is not enabled.

(bug #1018) [Nate Woods]

- Fixed hash file processing. [MJSTY]

- Fixed problem creating printer output. (bug #1039) [Nate Woods]

- Removed redundant checks for tilemap allocation failute. [Dirk Best]

- [Messtest] Now displays emulation error output. [Nate Woods]

- [Windows] Fixed several memory leaks in the Windows code. [Nate woods]

- [Windows] COnsolidated some MESS specific OSD code into the MAME OSD core

code and removed redundant directory functions. [Nate Woods][/CODE]