Cet émulateur de Gambling games (jeux d’argent) basé sur Mame vient de sortir en conformité avec la version 0.112.

Included all updates from 0.110 to 0.112.
While this commemorates the 10th anniversary of MAME, it is also predicted that
this cycle will include the 3rd anniversary of AGEMAME. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the project, in addition to
the MAME list, I’d like to mention the initial support provided by Smitdogg at
MAMETesters who gave us our first site, to Sourceforge and Tony Friery for the
original MAGE CVS, to Alan (Duplu) at Fruit-Emu who will be providing some space for one of the new projects that will be announced soon.

There is nothing AGEMAME specific in this release, aside from the fact that MPU4 emulation is more advanced than in MAME due to the development lag.