De la news du coté de cet émulateur de Sony Playstation 2 :

Well for starters PCSX2 linux. Development for PCSX2 linux has gone extremely well, so well infact that several games already run on the developers machine and soon we betatesters shall be entering mainstream testing phase.

With the advent of PCSX2 linux comes zeroGS OGL, a full port of the current D3D zeroGS by zerofrog. Whilst this OGL port is in terms of visual compatibility is extremely close to the D3D build, it has several speed related issues to ‘iron out’, of course these issues will be fixed in the future, and more information shall be given out soon. There will also be a ‘suprise’ with zeroGS OGL, but that is for zerofrog to announce in the future!

PCSX2 is also getting a full blown x64 build! This is some exceedingly hefty work, with x64 recompilers and core having to be written. Such a port will be able to take full advantage of x64 compatible CPUs under an appropriate OS (Windows x64 / Linux x64), this should offer significant gains in speed, however the work is preliminary and we can’t offer direct examples or comparisons yet..!

To all those who have donated, thank you very much! Your donations have helped us buy new hardware to fully develop the linux ports and use 64bit in a stable environment.

Pour résumer:

Linux: Un port de ZeroGS D3D (plugin graphique) en OpenGL est prévu.

Général: PCSX2 est à présent complètement compatible CPU 64bits (bien sur il vous faut obligatoirement un système d’exploitation 64bits comme XP x64 ou des Linux 64 bits)