Un excellent émulateur Amstrad CPC. Sûrement le meilleur (il y a un comparatif sur le site officiel).

– Added the ability to emulate the CPC Plus PPI when CPC Plus features are enabled. This should emulate the keyboard bug found on the CPC Plus, and will stop the Sappy demo from telling you you have a bad CPC.
– Fixed a bug with CPC Plus sprite handling where sprites wouldn’t be rendered sometimes. This improves the rest of the Sappy demo.
– Fixed a bug with CPC Plus soft-scroll emulation. Alpha 11 didn’t work properly when both horizontal and vertical soft-scroll were used together.

Emulation (Disc Handling)
– Provided support for disc images in RAR files using the supplied UNRAR3.DLL..

Emulation (Sound)
– Changed the initial noise count value. Previously noise would not work for a few seconds after reset.

– Fixed CPC Plus memory mapping in snapshots when the ASIC RAM is enabled. Hopefully CPC Plus snapshots should now work (Version 3 is the only format to support CPC Plus).

Graphics Finder
-Updated to match the new renderer. Wasn’t displaying graphics properly in Alpha 11.

Known Issues
– Changes to ASIC registers through the Gate Array occur approximately 6 pixels too early. On the real CPC Plus, changes to the palette using the GA (i.e. OUT instruction) occur 6 pixels after the register is written (approximately 0.375us). Exact emulation of this has not been done since no CPC software currently requires this degree of accuracy, and emulation would probably result in a significant degradation of performance.

– The ASIC does not allow a number of registers to be read. This does not affect any current CPC software, and needs to be analysed fully before being emulated.

– DirectDraw Surface.Lock errors were occurring on some machines in 2.0 Alpha 7. I have modified the code slightly, but this may not have fixed the issue, still waiting on information back from the users involved.