Nouvelle version de FBA dont voici les nouveautés :

* Added driver for Choko (choko)
* Added driver for Jyangokushi: Haoh no Saihai (jyangoku)
* Added various CPS-2 clones now the decryption keys are known
* Added rastsag1 to the Rastan driver
* Fixed bug with EEPROM on startup in CPS games
* Fixed crash bug in Q-Sound games with sound disabled
* Enabled the Tournament mode in the tournament versions of Super Street Fighter 2 – now they try to connect to other terminals (if you just want to play the games then change the setup in the Test Menu, access using F2)
* Fixed bug in datfile generation module
* Various rom changes to match MAME 0.112u2 (with the exception of the XOR for spf2ta) Les effets et filtres de FBA sont toujours aussi excellents