WinUAE est un excellent émulateur Commodore Amiga mais aussi CD32/TV.

Les nouveautés :

WinUAE 1.4.2 (12.05.2007)

New features:

– « Windowed fullscreen » for users with multiple monitors, fullscreen
Amiga on secondary monitor, Windows on primary monitor, no more lost
fullscreen when focus changes to Windows program.
– A600/A1200 and A4000 IDE harddrive (HDF) hardware emulation, includes
also « 4-Way IDE » / « IDE splitter » emulation.
– Directory, HDF, IDE and Picasso96 statefile support. WARNING: data loss
possible if data in HDF has changed between saving and restoring!
Picasso96 statefile support not 100% compatible yet.
– 68030 and 68060 (with FPU. 68060.library required) emulation. (no MMU)
– 68881/68882 FPU type selectable.
– Global brightness, contrast and gamma adjustment.
– « PAL » TV-like filter, with brightness, contrast, gamma, scanline level,
blur and noise adjustment.
– GUI debugger, debugger improvements. (xx switches debugger modes)
– New GUI font if running under Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
– Interpolation and filters supported in 4/6 channel sound modes.
– Log and debugger console position stored in registry.

Bugs fixed:

– Improved CDTV emulation compatibility.
– 1.4.0 FPU clamping fix.
– Missing channels in 4 channel sound mode. (Emu10K based cards)
– 10x+ performance increase during « decrunching » color effects when
no filters enabled and only background color was visible.
– Crash when loading config and specific chipset extra model was selected.
– Direct HD support improved, SyQuest removable drives detected properly.
– Minor custom chipset emulation updates.
– Rare emulator crash when running Amiga program crashed badly.
– Filter centering improved.

Télécharger WinUAE (x86) v3.6.1 (6,0 Mo)

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