Nouvelle version d’UberNES. Pour rappel, ce projet vise a proposer de nombreuses fonctionnalités bien pratique (sauvegarde des high-scores…).

Les nouveautés sont les suivantes :

– Added support for iNES mapper 5 (MMC5)

– Added time-trial support
When you play time-trial enabled games, UberNES will record your completion times
Upload your times to the UberNES database to compete with other UberNES users for the fastest times
Download the worldwide NES stats to see the fastest worldwide times
The currently-supported time trial games are:
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Mega Man 2
Castlevania 3

– Added « Download all movies » feature to online movie gallery

– In conjunction with this version, we are releasing a related project – our Nintendo Screen Saver
It’s a stand-alone Windows screen saver that displays NES games
Games are played intelligently by using UberNES movie files as input sources
The screen saver can tap into the online UberNES movie gallery to quickly import a large amount of unique, quality gameplay footage

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