plus4emu est un émulateur Commode Plus/4 open-source. Ecrit en C++, il tourne sous Windows et les plateformes POSIX.

plus4emu 1.1.0 has been released (15 May 2007)
implemented 1551 drive emulation
added floppy drive LED display to the GUI (1541 is red, 1551 is green, and 1581 is yellow)
the debugger now allows for debugging floppy drives; the drives are also mapped to the physical address range $180000-$1BFFFF
fixed 1541 disk change detection
keyboard map can be configured with the GUI
external game devices like joysticks and gamepads are supported, and can be assigned in the keyboard map like normal keys
the ‘step over’ button in the debugger now also skips branch instructions
invalid opcodes that normally jam the CPU can be used as breakpoints (with the priority assumed to be 3) that open the debugger, and the execution of the program can continue as if there was a NOP instruction
added new command line options for loading disk image, snapshot, and demo files on start-up; on Windows, D64 and D81 files are also optionally associated with the emulator
it is now possible to use WAV, AIFF, and other sound file formats as tape images; these files can be read and written, however, new files are created in plus4emu format
blank video output is generated when the TED is disabled by setting bit 5 of $FF07
reduced horizontal texture resolution to 384 in OpenGL mode when the quality is set to 0, for improved performance
minor GUI improvements and fixes

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